Thursday, September 20, 2007

Rock and Roll Crucifix 2006

Working in series has always been and important part of developing a body of art for me since my undergrad studies at UGA. The painting to the left titled Pride, is one of a series of seven oil on wood panel paintings depicting the seven deadly sins told through the life of christ. The paintings measure 24" x 24" and portray christ as the embodiment of mankind's shortcomings, surrounded by skeletons who represent those who tempt and celebrate failure. These skeletons lack flesh and skin because of the endless ways in which bad behavior can manifest itself. It would be ridiculous to say that my decision to paint skeletons was purely aesthetic, because anyone who's painting one knows how much fun it can be. Inspiration for these paintings consist of theology, iconography, and record album artwork, which is evident in the size 24"x24", twice the size of an album. More of this series will be posted in the new future, as well as newer work from Uarts.