Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lust, Greed, and the Olive Garden

Continuing with the Seven Deadly Sins and Christ, Lust is pictured here depicting a male figure in bed awaken by skeletal ghouls and ghostly camera men to shoot a hellish porno. A few months after completing this painting, I went back in and added some drapery and a snake coilled around the tree limbs. This panel actually works as an addition to the Pride panel if placed directly below. The base of the cross lines up with the branches above the bed, something I hadn't intended to do, but it just worked out that way.

Greedy Grave is the first of the Sins panels completed the summer of 2006. Gambling was chosen simply because it is an activity what everyone recognizes and feeds off of greed, otherwise it wouldn't exist. Why I would paint a man playing poker with a table full of skeletons makes no sense, other than the possibility that he is playing for his soul, but you can read the painting however you like.

Last Call was the last painting of the summer session and took about 2 weeks of working late to finish. Based on the last supper, I wanted to seat Jesus at a typical family restaurant like the Olive Garden and surround him with death. I can't help but think that as time went on, Jesus could help but see all those surrounding him as the dead, or the living just waiting for death. To an extent this applies to him as well knowing the outcome of his time on earth was closing in.


Lori said...

Your work is getting better and better!

I can;t think of anything artsy to say so I'll say it in plainspeak "Yes!" Keep it up!

snow said...

I hate the olive garden