Sunday, April 29, 2012

Northward Exhibit @ Slingluff Gallery

The Northward exhibit at Slingluff Gallery showcased the work of Chris Milk Hulbert, El Kamino, Mickael Broth, and Ed Trask. Everyone's work shared a connection of either birds or subcultural visions which brought the four together nicely. I don't believe I had seen anyone combine the sensitive imagery of a tower burning upon impact with a rooftop miniramp until witnessing Mickael's Snowday in Lower Manhattan. Without knowing the inspiration behind it, I could only assume he saw his neighborhood skatepark get bulldozed and replaced with a strip-mall.

Ed Trask's paintings Clermont Lounge and Atlanta Rd. Study brought about the scene where a teenager is given to talk to by his dad about the dangers of drinking, drugs, and trying to fit in, only it's not at a kitchen table, but between songs at a hardcore show. But the kid isn't embarrassed at all because he knows they'll be heading to the Clermont Lounge after the show.

Paintings by El Kamino smell of old Thrasher magazines filled with drawings by metal artist Pushead and Vernon Courtlandt Johnson of Powell Peralta fame. Kamino has taken these influences and applied them to a more lively subject, but can not help but throw a Mike McGill graphic into the mix.

What can I saw about Chris Milk Hulburt. He likes shiny paint, and sometimes you can see yourself in it. Especially if you're wearing a rainbow suit.
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