Thursday, September 25, 2008


Have you ever moved into a new home and found what looks like forgotten evidence from a crime scene? I haven't either, and my imagination never leads me into the direction that I could be next, but I'm sure it's fun to pretend someone's out to get me. Even more fun that I'm out to get someone else. So, if you ever wanted to "off" someone like a sloppy murderer, decorate your house like so just to freak out your guest. 


Wendy said...

wow i love these! totally new venue but really beautiful and powerful at the same time. crazy! sent me a print?

Shawn Beeks said...

these aren't prints. i paint directly on the switch cover. if you like, let me know what kind of cover you have, and if i don't have one made, i can make one for you. only bad part is, they're $10.00 each. actually, that's not bad new. it's cheap new.